Abdominal Board 360 Lipo Foam Post Surgery Supplies Wrap Waist Skin-Friendly Board After Liposuction

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  • SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Our abdominal board can apply pressure on your liposuction area to flatten your abdomen, it can also prevent skin folds and external irritation. Abdominal boards are the perfect complement to your post surgical compression garment, which are made of polystyrene that allow your skin to breathe. Besides, ab board‘ s hypoallergenic fabric also can protect your skin from abrasions, let you bring comfort while keeping your hourglass figure.

  • 360 POSTOPERATIVE SUPPORT: There are many kinds of lipo foam, which can be on the back, abdomen, or waist. Our lipo foam is different with other products. Just one, all you need can be wrapped at same time, achieving 360 arround support. When you have finished liposuction and the wound has healed, you will wear a bodysuit to shape your perfect figure, in the same time you need a lipo foam to help you create a soft barrier between body shaper and sensitive skin.

  • FIXED AND NOT EASY TO MOVE: Lipo foam can be adjusted according to your own need, it also can fold easily and fit you bodyline better. Our ab board can be fixed on your waist and will not move as easily as others. When you wear it, you will feel nothing foreign body sensation. Please measure your waistline and refer the size chart, choose the size that suits you best, it will bring you close comfort.

  • FUNCTIONS: Lipo foam can help you to provide an extra support on the loose skin after surgery, at the same time can help you to reduce lessen pain and all the discomfort you’ll have after liposuction. Lipo foam will enhance your shaper effect. Use with bodysuit or shapewear can shape the hourglass figure faster.

  • WARM TIPS: The lipo foam is only used after your postoperative wound has healed, not immediately after the operation(about one month after surgery), and it can be used with bodysuits or shapewear to show your hourglass figure.

  • Abdominal Board 360 Lipo Foam Post Surgery Supplies Wrap Waist Skin-Friendly Board After Liposuction